The Slender Tea™

Including Botanicals: Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Peppermint



The Slender Tea™️ is a delicious, functional, hot drink to help you wake up with determination and stay focused throughout the day. Including Green Tea to provide energy, Liquorice Root to contribute to weight loss and Yerba Mate to aid in weight management, The Slender Tea is the perfect addition to your AM & PM routine. 


Our teabags are biodegradable so they're good for you AND good for the environment! 


  • Green Tea & Black Pepper - The Metabolism Boosters
  • Yerba Mate - The Fat Blocker
  • Peppermint & Nettle Leaf - The Anti-Bloaters
  • Dandelion -The Water Retention Removers
  • Cassia Bark & Liquorice - The Craving Cutters
  • Fennel Seed - The Powerful Antioxidant

How to use

  • Have one cup in the morning & one in the afternoon!
  • Simply place the tea bag into a mug and add boiling water.
  • Brew for 2-5 mins for a perfect cup of tea!


Sat Fats0g

Dietary needs

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