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The Slender Collection™️



The Slender Collection™ is the great tasting, premium weight loss bundle.

It consists of our best selling Slender Blend™ meal replacement, alongside our Fat Metaboliser™ and Hunger Buster™ supplements to fast track your weight loss goals. This high protein, low calorie versatile protein shake can be used as a meal replacement shake, post-workout shake and even makes for a delicious low-calorie snack. Not only is it packed with protein to aid in the maintenance of muscle, it also has low sugar and fat content! Boosted with pre & probiotics, vitamin C and essential B vitamins, the Slender Blend™ additionally contributes to the upkeep of your immune system and keeps your hair, skin and nails looking radiant!
When combined with a varied and balanced diet the Slender Blend™ helps you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our best selling Fat Metaboliser capsules are ideal for speeding up weight loss when taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and a workout routine.

The capsules contain an extraordinary ingredient called choline which helps to digest and melt away stubborn fat by speeding up the metabolism, making them the perfect partner to The Slender Blend to support your weight loss goals.

Packed with green tea and caffeine, they will also help to increase alertness during workouts so you can put maximum effort into your training. 

Made from an array of premium grade ingredients, the Protein World Fat Metaboliser capsules really are one of a kind. 

Say goodbye to feelings of hunger with the Hunger Buster Capsules! These capsules are designed to contribute to weight loss when incorporated into a calorie controlled diet. Containing naturally soluble fibre in the form of high quality plant extracts that absorb water and reduce cravings and the feeling of hunger.

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