The Slender Collection™

Our bestselling Slender Blend shake and two of our most popular capsules to help you fire up your metabolic rate and control your appetite.


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The Slender Collection™ is our premium weight loss bundle, consisting of 1.2kg (30 servings) of our best-selling weight loss shake - The Slender Blend™ -  with two of our most popular capsules, Fat Metabolisers and Hunger Busters.


The Fat Metaboliser capsules aid in boosting your metabolism, and essentially help burn stubborn fat. Packed with caffeine and essential B Vitamins, this helps to provide that extra boost for your workout sessions while reducing fatigue!


The Hunger Buster capsules help to suppress appetite by increasing water retention in your gut. This is ideal for putting a stop to those binge eating sessions!

The collection additionally comes with your very own Protein World Shaker.


The Slender Blend™

  • High protein to aid the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass.
  • Contains our Protein World Thermogenic Blend which aids fat metabolism.
  • Contains our very own digestive enzyme blend as well as pre and probiotics to promote a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Packed with a multitude of vitamins and minerals to support overall health.


Fat Metaboliser Capsules

  • Accelerates weight loss when paired with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and exercise
  • Helps to increase alertness and performance during workout sessions
  • Speeds up metabolism to in turn help in fat burning
  • Reduces fatigue and improves post-workout recovery


Hunger Buster Capsules

  • Aids in weight loss when incorporated into a calorie-controlled diet
  • Reduces cravings and prevents unnecessary snacking or binge eating
  • Made from completely natural plant-based ingredients

How to use

The Slender Blend™

  • Meal Replacement: Add 40g (4 scoops) to 400ml almond milk and shake well! Replace 1 or 2 meals per day, choose which meal based on your routine and preference.
  • Snack/Post Workout: Add 40g (4 scoops) to 400ml water and shake well!


Fat Metaboliser Capsules

  • If you have a low caffeine tolerance, consume 2 capsules per day, taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a meal or shake
  • If you have a high caffeine tolerance, increase dosage from 2 capsules to 4 capsules, taking two in the morning and two in the afternoon with a meal or shake


Hunger Buster Capsules

  • Take 2 capsules about one hour before meals
  • Take one serving (2 capsules) 2 times per day or 3 times per day
  • Drink plenty of water alongside this

Dietary needs

Diabetic Suited

Gluten Free



Not Suitable for Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Soy Free