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Breakfast - Choice 1


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How to use

Add 50g (1 Sachet) to 150 milk or water. 

Heat for 45 seconds in the microwave, stir.

Then heat for 15-45 more seconds depending on how you like it & serve!

Alternatively add hot water/milk to the sachet and fill to the indicated line.


Choose from delicious Slender Porridge or Pancakes to start your day, quick and easy to make before work or on the go!


The Slender Porridge contains gluten free oats, providing a slow release of energy throughout your morning, alongside chia, flaxseeds and protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer!


The Slender Pancakes are a delicious, guilt free breakfast treat at only 85 calories per pancake. Simply add milk, shake, flip and serve!

Dietary needs