28 Day Slender Plan

28 Day Slender Plan


28 Day Slender Plan - Premium weight loss challenge to give you the BEST results!




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Product Description

28 Day Slender Plan - The Premium Weight Loss Bundle to give you the BEST results!


At the most affordable price, use our best-selling weight loss shake, Chocolate Slender Blend bars and your favourite fat metabolisers to see the BEST results that will have you glowing from the inside-out! 


Are you looking for a way to lose weight, tone up and improve your health in one fell swoop? Look no further - our best selling 1.2kg Slender Blend™ weight loss shake will help you achieve this and more!


Slender Porridge - Vanilla - Low Calorie, High Protein Porridge. The BEST Weight Loss breakfast. Fibre packed to keep you full throughout the morning, all the way up until lunch!


The Fat Metaboliser Capsules aid in boosting your metabolism, and essentially help burn stubborn fat. Packed with caffeine and essential B Vitamins, this helps to provide that extra boost for your workout sessions while reducing fatigue!




28 Day Slender Plan





Busy Mum looking to shed a few extra pounds, or an office go-er wanting to look your best in your smart wear? 

We've designed the ultimate 28 day plan to throw out all the guesswork that comes with weight loss and help you live healthier and achieve your goals faster, smarter, and better than ever!


The biggest struggle when it comes to weight loss isn’t learning how to do it, but rather, finding a solution that bridges the gap between an unhealthy lifestyle, and your ideal, healthier lifestyle—without depriving you of the things you love.  

That's why we created our 28 Day Slender Plan.





28-Day Slender Plan Benefits 




The 28-Day Challenge was designed to get you amazing results with little disruption to your everyday life. With that, here are some benefits you can expect if you commit to following the program and complete the full 28-days of the challenge:

  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • Boost confidence
  • Get visible results
  • Create lasting, healthy habits


What Makes The 28-Day Slender Plan Unique?



“I’ve tried other workout programs and nutrition plans before but none of them worked for me. What makes this 28-day weight loss challenge different than the rest?”



Being healthy shouldn’t and doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love to achieve your weight loss goals—and that’s what the 28-Day Slender Plan is all about! It’s about creating a balance that works FOR YOU while providing simple, effective, and reasonable solutions to everyday struggles.


And when you sign up for the 28 Day Slender Plan, you won’t have to worry about getting a gym membership, or spending hours upon hours meal prepping food you probably won’t eat anyway. You’ll be given the freedom to adopt a healthier lifestyle, on your terms, but still see amazing results.



What’s Included In The 28-Day Slender Plan?





Everything included is designed to help you reach your goals without disrupting your current lifestyle. Here’s what’s included…


1) 28 Day Slender Plan Bundle

Slender Blend 1.2kg (flavour of choice)

Slender Porridge - Vanilla Flavour

Slender Capsules - Fat Metaboliser Capsules 

2) FREE - 4-week Slender Plan guide

3) A library of healthy recipes at: https://proteinworld.com/blogs/recipes


4) Online weight loss community & support

When it comes to reaching your goals, having a community of support can not only make the process easier, but more enjoyable, too!

Throughout the challenge, you’ll gain access to our amazing Facebook community and be surrounded by thousands of people who can provide endless support, connection, and motivation. Oh, and they are all in it to win it, just like you!  

What’s even better is that by joining our Facebook group, you will gain access to bonus workouts and more recipes! This is one weight loss community you will definitely want to be a part of!



Do I Need Any Equipment?





Thankfully, you don’t need much to start living a healthier lifestyle! In fact, we created the 28-Day Challenge to fit all fitness levels.

So, no matter if you’re a  beginner or advanced when it comes to exercising, we’ve got you covered.

The entire fitness program can be done using bodyweight only, or with the use of minimal equipment! If you’re looking to challenge yourself and use some additional weight, here’s what you’ll need:


  • Timer (you can use your phone for this!)
  • A resistance band (optional)
  • A stool or set of stairs
  • Sturdy chair
  • Set of light dumbbells


What can I WIN?




Email your Transformations to us at transform@proteinworld.com and every month we will pick ONE person to WIN £500 cash prize and a video/photo shoot interview with us at our HQ! 


Slender Blend (1.2kg)

Whey Protein Concentrate, Skimmed Milk Powder, Natural Flavourings, Protein World Vitamin & Mineral Blend , Protein World Thermogenic Blend [Guarana & Green Tea Extract], Sucralose, Protein World Digestive Enzyme Blend, Protein World Friendly Bacteria Blend.

*Based on Vanilla Flavour. 


Slender Porridge - Vanilla Flavour

Refer to SLENDER PORRIDGE for full ingredient list.


Fat Metabolisers 

Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract (40% Polyphenols), L-Tyrosine, Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine), Yerba Mate Powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Choline Bitartrate, Cayenne Powder, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Methylcobalamin, Veg Capsule. 

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Customer Reviews

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Really filling and taste like iced lattee!

I recently got the vanilla frappe and it taste just like iced latte! Mix mine with water and ice would recommend this flavour if you love iced lattee! The white chocolate protein bars are really nice as well, have like a soft brownie texture, most protein bars I've tasted are really really powderdy or rock hard!