Alexandra has made it her mission to celebrate real beauty and wants to empower other women by sharing real unedited images in all of her natural beauty, flaws and all to help address the social challenges and perspective on beauty.

Mindset is everything! Food is not a reward and exercise is not a punishment. Start your transformation today!


"I love the Vanilla Slender Blend. It’s so versatile and tastes great in any smoothie. I’ll sometimes have a smoothie with loads of fruit and vegetables for breakfast to start the day, and I usually have a shake with water after training to help recovery."


Alexandra admits to eating well and working hard to stay in shape: "I train to look and also feel good. The gym is a place to see your body progress and gives you a positive mindset. It feels like you've achieved something and feels productive when you've been to the gym. Health is wealth and everyone should exercise to make you feel positive."

Beauty Queen

I think it's ok to wear makeup when you're working out, the gym can be an intimidating place so you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Less is more so a tinted moisturizer is nice to use. Lighter products are always best, especially if you get sweaty. I love a cream blush to give a natural glow and pink Vaseline!


I focus more on training my lower body half. I really love weight training, people think that weight training makes you bulky but I lower the weight and do high reps which makes me really feel the burn and helps to burn fat and sculpt nicely! I also have days where I just go for a walk as it helps me to clear my mind and meditate.


My PT inspires me @cliaralondon, she really motivates me to always keep going. I also love Iscra Lawrence, I like what she stands for... enjoys life and is real.

Alexandra on Diet

"I believe if you really fancy something to eat then you should have it, but make sure you maintain a healthy balance. In the past my diet was quite bad and I ended up with IBS, however since I started to be more conscious of the food I eat this has cleared up! Water is also key to my diet, I drink so much!"