Here at Protein World, our Ambassadors are committed to motivating their community to be the best version of themselves. Our Ambassadors are inspiring leaders, influential individuals and doers from all over the globe. They help us spread our message and inspire their community to be at the top of their game.

The mental health advocate

Taylor is a 24 year old Geordie and recovering anorexic who started her Instagram journey back in 2016 when she was recovering from relapsing. Taylor has always been into health and fitness and more recently she has become an advocate for physical/ mental health and fitness and is dedicated to bringing positivity to others. She promotes leading a healthy lifestyle where ‘health comes first.'

The personal trainer

Helder has been a Protein World Ambassador since day 1, originally from Portugal, he is now a London based PT with years of gym experience and a passion for health and fitness. Helder loves to share his fitness and nutrition knowledge to help and motivate others to be the best version of themselves. He live's by the motto 'power and strength comes from commitment and consistency.'

The superstar

Natalie is a London based trainer, barre instructor and vocalist. She is an all round talent who encourages her clients and community to push their boundaries and try new things. We asked Natalie, why she works out. Her reply; “it’s simple. I work out for my mental health. For my physical health. And because I enjoy watching my body change and creating the body I want.” Natalie has been a Protein World Ambassador for almost a year and took on the Protein World Booty transformation, achieving incredible results. Natalie says "Protein World products fit in perfectly with my busy lifestyle and help me keep on track with my fitness goals. "

The booty queen

Maria grew up as a competitive swimmer, now, she is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional adviser based in central London, also offering online training for clients all around the globe from Brazil, Dubai, US and the UK. Her workouts are tailored towards her goals and she is constantly pushing her clients to push their boundaries. Maria believes that good nutrition is essential for achieving the best results and incorporates Protein World into her multiple fitness plans. She is our booty queen, as she regularly keeps us up to date with the best workouts targeted at the glutes. Here’s what she said when we asked her how she got into training …


“So growing up, I was always very much into my sports but I absolutely loved swimming and I ended up joining a team and competed nationally. I would train nearly 4 hours a day, so I definitely had my fair share of cardio training! When I moved to London 8 years ago, I got extremely busy working the 'Corporate' life, but every day I would make sure I dedicated some 'me' time and I would rush off to the gym every single lunch break or after work because I realised how important it was to balance working life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even just 30 minutes a day, I always felt so much better for it physically, mentally and happy that I was investing into my health. At first it was a struggle, but once its routine it became easier and second nature.


Health is wealth, it doesn’t go out of fashion, it's an investment for you and when you work hard you see the results. I decided I wanted to learn more and spread a positive message and to help people become more confident, so I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional advisor. Now I Personal Train and do Online Training with clients across the world.


I think one thing that really inspired me across this year, was doing the Protein World transformation challenge over the summer, I wanted toned legs, abs, and to grow a peach as well as a leaner & stronger upper body. It really motivated me more when I started seeing the results from using the products more regularly alongside working out. Now I just swear by it, and it makes looking after my diet much easier and tastier. My favourite products has got to be... The Banana Slender Blend, especially mixing it into my yogurt, as well as The Slender Blend in Fudge Sundae for delicious smoothies that taste just like milkshakes”

The fashionista

Shauna is an Instagram model and fashion and lifestyle influencer from Newcastle who has been a Protein World Ambassador for over a year now. Her main aim is to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible and uses Protein World to help her achieve her goals. Her favourite products are the Slender bars and Slender porridge.

The boss babe

Amy has been into fitness for about 3 years and has made her Instagram account to share her journey to those who are interested. She has recently just qualified as a level 3 personal trainer and is excited to put her newly learned skills into use in the gym. Fitness is a sport to Amy and she is in competition with herself, her goals are to always try and exceed her last session. Whether that be lifting 5kg more than before or doing one more rep.

The body positivity queen

The one with washboard abs, Jasmine is a personal trainer with a huge passion for all things health and fitness, it has always played a big role in her life. Jasmine was a figure skater from a young age which is where she believes it all began. She became a personal trainer to help and inspire people (especially females) grow in confidence in the way she did. Jasmine promotes body confidence and believes that looking after your body translates to feeling good from the inside out. Jasmines favourite Protein World product is the Slender Bars.