Work out with the Olympics!


Feeling unmotivated? Is it too hot or too rainy?

Get your motivation kick with the Olympics! Fitness and nutrition are key to being and feeling healthy, not to mention the amazing happy endorphins that workouts bring with them.


Watching other people play and compete in sports can be a great way to get that motivation back, which is where the Olympics come in. You can combine watching TV with working out!


1. Let the games begin...


With so many events to choose from, there is something to watch for everyone. You can even watch events before working out to get you in the fitness mood. At the same time, you can take our IBCAA pre-workout which is caffeine-free and will improve your performance. You may feel so energised you could do a triathlon!

Although running, cycling, or swimming individually may be a better starting point. With restrictions eased it’s also a great time to go out and play some group sports! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to warm up properly and stay hydrated! We have your fat metabolism and nutrients catered to with IBCAA giving you the most out of your workout. Any exercise that you enjoy and gets your body moving is a win.


2. Core comfort...


Strength training comes into play in a lot of the sports you’ll see when watching the Olympics, so why not give it a try at home? Gymnasts practice what’s known as conditioning exercises to help work their core, arms and legs. This is so they can better control their balance and improve flexibility, which are both essentials of the sport.

You can find plenty of these workouts online for any skill range and could even put some into practice while watching the gymnastic events! Every workout can be strengthened, and with our Toner Capsules, you can also achieve lean definition in your abs and butt!

Our Toner Capsules help increase physical and mental performance as well using a unique formula for noticeable lean definition. The combination of Creatine, a known muscle toner, and Biotin, a B vitamin involved in the metabolic process, will help your workout with the bonus of healthy glowing skin and hair without any bloating! The dream!


3. Time to shine...

If you want to venture more into the outside world and socialise while exercising, something like football could be right for you. Combining cardio and (hopefully) sunshine will get your natural vitamin D boost, which can help with your mental health.

Combine that with our fast-acting Whey Protein Concentrate, you’ll get all nine essential amino acids, so you’ll be building muscle in no time! There are other kinds of training involved when preparing for a sport including weight training. It allows you to strengthen your muscles while increasing joint stability which reduces risk factors.

Using our Whey Protein Concentrate supports your nutritional balance with over 30 grams of protein per serving. It’s also low in sugar, although you wouldn’t guess it with 10 delicious flavour to choose from. So, when you’re working out remember to do what feels right for you, protect your mental wellbeing and keep your nutrition balanced! Let the Olympics inspire you!