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WPI vs WPC: What's the difference?



By PW Nutritionist Stephanie Evans


Whey protein is by far the most popular, recommended and consumed protein powder on the market and is often hidden in popular food items, such as chocolate bars and crisps! It makes the basis of our best-selling Slender Blend and is now available in TWO pure forms: Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. But, what are the differences? Why does it matter? What do I take?


Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or merely increase your protein intake we can help you chose which whey protein is best for you.



What is Whey?

Did you know whey protein is actually the by-product of making cheese or yoghurt from milk? Weird, right!  It contains fast digesting proteins known as whey proteins that are easily digested in the stomach for a quick source of protein in the body – that explains why it is such a popular post-workout choice!

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Concentrate or Isolate?

The main difference between Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate is in their nutritional value, due to differences in processing. Concentrate is made from the leftover liquid from cheese making which is dried to form a powder. It contains anywhere between 55-80% protein by weight, with the remaining consisting of carbohydrates and fat. It is less processed than Whey Protein Isolate and is often a cheaper option for many of us opting to increase their protein intake. Whey Protein Isolate goes through an additional processing which creates less carbohydrate and fat per gram. This leads to a product which is at least 90% protein by weight. It also has a lower lactose and calorie content than Whey Protein Concentrate and is often a good choice for those losing weight or sufferers of lactose intolerance. Win, Win!


Nutritional Comparison:

Nutritional typical values per 40g Serving:

Protein World Whey Protein Concentrate

Protein World Whey Protein Isolate

Energy (kcal)



Total fat (g)



Carbohydrate (g)



Fibre (g)




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When to take each product: 

Both forms are high-quality and carry similar benefits: to promote lean muscle mass and strength. Whether you opt for Isolate or Concentrate depends on your main goal. As Whey Protein Isolate is lower in calories, carbs and fat, it is often a popular choice for those who want to maximise weight loss. It can also be an alternate option to plant-based proteins for those who suffer with lactose intolerance, as the amount is negligible for most sufferers to have zero side effects. 

If you are unsure a pure protein powder is for you, then you may be more interested in our meal-replacement shakes and other blends for weight loss. To find out more about our Slender, Vegan and Keto collections check out our blog post on Which Protein World Collection Is Best?’ to get more information.