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A Day in the life of a PW Nutritionist

 By PW Nutritionist Steph Evans


Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at Protein World? What does a day look like for a PW Nutritionist, what do we eat and how do we optimise our time whilst working from home? Well today you get to find out the day in the life of one of our in-house Nutritionist’s whilst working from the home office and also what I eat in a day to keep myself in tip-top health.


6:30am: Wake up time!

This is when my day in the life begins. I set my alarm for 6am every morning and have 30 minutes to gather my thoughts and gradually wake up before getting out of bed. I find this extra half an hour before I get up essential, otherwise I end up feeling rushed and still in sleep mode! During this time, I make sure to drink a large glass of water (left by my bed the night before) and I use this as my chance to catch up on social media for the morning. It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a bit Instagram obsessed so I schedule in specific times of the day to be online to limit my social media use. 


If I am going to put myself through a workout at any point it will definitely be before breakfast! This will be in the form of the gym, or a nice fresh morning walk/jog along the river path to soak up some outdoor air before a day at the desk. For me, exercise isn’t about reaching a physical goal but more for my mental health. I exercise in ways I enjoy and love the feeling of working up a sweat! I see it as my time to just shut off from all work and life related stress and completely focus on just moving my body and calm my thoughts!

    a nutritionists high protein breakfast options


    Now I am showered and dressed (even at home I still like to get out of my hoodie) it’s time to hit the desk.  I never start my day without coffee - it is just the ultimate hug in mug!  I usually begin work between 8-8:30 and start by checking and answering any nutrition related customer enquiries which have come through overnight. During this time, I usually start to get hungry for breakfast, so I pop into the kitchen to make myself something yummy and fulfilling as a little break, alongside taking my daily Vitamin D3 supplement to keep my levels topped up over winter. It is especially important for us to supplement Vitamin D throughout October-April as very little is obtained through the diet. Most of our natural Vitamin D is sourced from the sun, which, in the UK, is insufficient during these winter months. Keeping Vitamin D levels high will contribute to immune function to help combat those pesky winter colds!


    I live by the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (& in my opinion the yummiest) hence it is always a top priority! This is where my what I eat in a day tends to be pretty much the same.  I switch between my two go-to options: either a big bowl of oats with added protein or my new obsession is the Slender Granola: completely non-biased ;) with coconut yoghurt and frozen berries! I love to get a mix of carbs, protein and fats in all my meals, but I especially find including protein and fat at breakfast the perfect solution to help keep focused throughout the morning! 


    10am – 1pm: 

    Once I have finished answering all customers for the morning, I get to work on my other tasks that day. These tend to be quite diverse so I will begin by updating my to-do list and get started on those with the shortest deadlines and urgency up until lunch. 

    I try to get up every hour to either grab a drink, a little snack or toilet break as I find it good to stretch and get away from the screen for just 5 minutes - especially when sitting all day.


    By 1 o’clock I am pretty much always hungry for lunch. This usually consists of leftovers from night before or I will whip up my favourite tofu scramble with a few slices of avocado toast! 

    For the other half of my lunch, I like to get out for a short walk to get some daylight and take a break away from the screen. During this time, I recommend checking in with a friend or family member (especially if you are at home by yourself) or my other favourite choice is to put on a podcast.

    protein world top pasta recipe

    2pm- 530pm: Afternoon

    Now it’s back to work for the second half of the day. At around 4pm I like to take a 15-minute snack break where I make myself a cup of Slender Day Tea and have a little afternoon pick me up. I am a big snacker and sweet tooth, so I usually opt for a slice of homemade banana bread toasted with peanut butter. If I am feeling extra sluggish, I will make myself a quick smoothie using the Vegan Blend, frozen berries and almond milk to tide me over until dinner. I tend to include a sweet treat at least once a day, as I am a true believer of everything in moderation! If you start depriving yourself from food you love then only naturally you will crave them more often. This habit can often lead to overeating and ‘binging’ out on these less nutritious foods so I would always suggest including these into your daily diet in small amounts! Just before logging off, I will check I am up to date with all nutrition enquiries and have finished any urgent tasks. 


    6:30pm: Dinner time

    As a nutritionist, it’s only natural that I am a big foodie and this is no different when it comes to cooking. My love for food stems from my Mum who is a chef by nature and always inspired me to cook from a very young age. For many, cooking can seem like a chore or hard work, but for me it’s a hobby and I find it super relaxing! Classic weekday meals often include stir fry’s, curries or pasta dishes. I love experimenting with exotic flavours and opt mainly for Asian dishes. However, if it has been a hard day at work and I’m feeling lazy then a trusty pesto pasta will always be a good shout for a nutritious 10-minute meal. If you need some quick and healthy dinner inspo for then we have some great ideas over on our recipe collections!


    7:30 – 10pm: chill time

    Once dinner is made, we usually sit down together to watch an episode of our current favourite Netflix series whilst we catch each other up on our days at work over a mug of Slender Night Tea until it’s time to go to sleep. 

    I try to get to bed for 10pm each day as I aim for 7-8h sleep each night to allow my body to fully recharge. Usually I am too lazy to include my night-time yoga but if I really make the effort then I will turn off the phone and TV screens to stretch before I snuggle up under the duvet and bring my day in the life to an end. 


    Need help setting up a routine that works for you? We’d be happy to help, get in touch! Simply email: