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Top Tips for a glowing complexion 

By PW Nutritionist Stephanie Evans

Come on girls (and guys), I am sure most have us have been there. Despairing over spots and blemishes found on your skin – wishing for a healthier, clearer complexion! You have probably even tried several quick beauty tricks to bring the glow back, but I am sorry to say the secret won’t be found in your make up bag! That being said, very few people are blessed with effortless, endlessly radiant skin which is why you are most likely going to have to invest your time into it!


Many skin troubles, including acne, have a multitude of causes which can often be minimised over time. For example, bad skin is often a result of stress, hormonal imbalance, a poor diet and even a lack of sleep. In this article, we share with you our top diet tips to a glowing complexion other than having a good daily skincare routine! However, if you know that your busy lifestyle always gets in the way of a good diet then check out our Ultra Beauty Collagen Capsules - carefully formulated with hydrolysed collagen peptides and essential micronutrients to promote skin health! These include Vitamin C which is required for optimal collagen formation of the skin. Alongside this, you will find Biotin and Zinc which will contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails, and iron to assist in reducing fatigue and promoting normal function of the immune system.

Stay hydrated, inside and out!

Not only is a high-quality, natural moisturiser good for replenishing and rehydrating the skin, but also drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to flush out those pesky toxins trapped in your pores! Replace your caffeinated, fizzy drinks with a glass of water infused with lemon or our Slender Day Tea made from natural green tea extracts. Green tea contains compounds called catechins which can help protect skin against sun damage, improve moisture, thickness and elasticity of the skin.


Eat your fats!

Ever wondered what gives the appearance of plump, healthy skin? Your skin cells are made up of layers of fats incorporated from your diet, with the most important being omega-3s known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These fats - found commonly in fresh cold-water fish (eg. Salmon and tuna), suppress a hormone produced by the liver known as insulin-like growth factor 1 which has been linked to spots and blemishes.

Other sources of omega-3 for vegetarians can be found in flaxseeds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds which will have you radiating in no time!

hydrate for clear skinEat colourful food!

A range of fruit and veg, varying in a rainbow of colours can definitely increase your skin’s natural glow. Load up on antioxidants found in a range of berries to combat UV damage, protecting your skin cells from the suns-rays! Alongside Vitamin C in citrus fruits and avocado this can help promote collagen growth to keep your skin strong and healthy!

Eat your eggs!

Not only are eggs a great source of lean protein but the yolk is an eggsellent source of biotin which can help treat acne and improve skin tone! Not only this but eggs also contain moderate amount of zinc which, alongside biotin, is also known to contribute to collagen formation and healthier skin, hair and nails! (If Eggs aren’t your bag our Ultra Beauty Collagen Capsules contain Zinc & Biotin too!)


  1. Cut down on sugar!

Eating too many foods high in sugar and refined carbs increases your levels of blood sugar, resulting in inflammation throughout the body. Consequently, this can be ageing your skin whilst triggering conditions such as acne and eczema. Cutting back on these foods include eating less sweets, cakes, white bread and pasta. Instead try swapping these out for whole grain, high-fibre alternatives.

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