Protein World breakfast collection Protein World breakfast collection

Discover the Best Selling Weight Loss Shake and Lose between 2 - 4lb per week!

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The breakfast Collection

Consume the Slender Blend 2 times a day as a meal replacement shake or smoothie, alongside one or two healthy, 400-500 calorie meals


Healthiest shakes on the market!

 Less than 150 calories per serving

24g protein per shake

25 vitamins and minerals

Gluten Free

NO added sugar

How does it work?

Key ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate

Curb cravings and feel more full for longer

Thermogenic Blend

Combination of Guarana, Green Tea and Caffeine to help speed up the metabolism and increase fat burning

Vitamin and Mineral Blend

25 vitamins and minerals to provide your daily fix, help restore body health and improve hair, skin and nails

B6 & B4

Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to boost energy

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The Weight Loss Plan

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