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It’s that time again, the start of a new year when most of us vow to get fitter, healthier, cut alcohol and eat less chocolate. But how long will you last before before that resolution has been abandoned, and you’re dunking your fifth chocolate biscuit into a cup of tea? This year, to give you the best possible start to smashing your new year goals, Protein World’s Nutritionist Faye Townsend has put together her tips on taking the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and how to stay on track throughout the year.

Step 1: Get yourself in the right frame of mind.
Are you physically and mentally ready to begin a health and fitness regime? Having the right attitude is one of the important factors that influences weight loss success. You need to believe that you can make the changes and that the changes are worth making. It needs to be deeper than the annual ‘I’m going to lose weight’ new years resolution. Embrace the fact that fitness and good health are lifelong pursuits, not trends and fads. 

Step 2: Find your motivation.
Find out what will truly motivate you to achieve your goal. If it is to lose weight… Do you want to be more energetic, look better in your clothes or simply just want to improve your health? Be clear about what you want to achieve as this will help to keep you driven throughout your fitness and wellbeing journey.

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Step 3: Set realistic goals.
One of the biggest reasons why most people’s new year resolutions don’t continue past January is because they can often be extremely impractical. Setting goals is incredibly important, but these goals need to be realistic and feasible. When you are a newbie, saying you are going to run a marathon by ‘that’ date is unrealistic and potentially unsafe. A good place to start would be to set smaller milestones to aim for, such as starting off by aiming to complete a 5K. Start slow, develop a solid foundation and then build upon this as your fitness and health improves, this will also help to maintain motivation as you start to reach your goals and spur you to continue. Think SMART when setting goals.. Specific Measurable Accountable Realistic Timeframe

Step 4: Make healthier food choices
How aware are you of what you are currently eating? And, more importantly for weight loss, how much energy (calories) are you consuming from the food you eat? If it’s more energy than you’re actually using in a day, your body will store it as fat. Before you make any changes, keep a super-honest food diary for a few days. You may be quite surprised at what a food diary shows you, even over a short period of time. You’ll soon notice that the 300+ calories in your daily caramel latte and hobnob biscuit are really not necessary. You don’t have to track your diet for the rest of your life, but it’s a great habit to start and will help you to create healthier habits, making it easier to automatically swap unhealthy choices for wholesome, nutritious, alternatives. Healthier does not mean eating less, but be conscious that the food you do eat is benefitting your body. Protein shakes can often have lots of hidden ingredients so try to pick a protein powder that is clean, organic and doesn’t contain a long list of ingredients. A safe option is Whey Protein Concentrate.

Step 5: Take it one step at a time.
One of the major mistakes that people make when tackling their new year health resolutions is trying to do everything at once. This is almost always a recipe for disaster. Take a step back and tackle one or two goals at a time. Once you have established these new good habits, you can put a couple more goals on your plate. Remember that if you want to make permanent change, it will take time to implement.

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Step 6: Get support
The world of health and fitness can be overwhelming. Getting the help of a fitness instructor and/or nutritional advisor can be a great investment to build a strong foundation. Having someone to guide and coach you through some of the initial steps can be helpful if you are lost as to where to go next or lacking motivation. At Protein World our Nutrition and Fitness Experts are always here to give a helping hand -

Step 7: Enjoy it!
Your new years health resolution shouldn’t be a temporary January quick fix, it should be lifestyle that can be maintained all year around. Create challenges for yourself, find sports you like to play, try a new fitness class, use running as a form of meditation. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore, and should become a fun part of your daily routine.