How Alcohol Can BETTER Your Sex Life








What if I told you that a glass or two of red wine can BETTER your sex life and INCREASE your sex drive. CRAZY RIGHT?


Let me give you the facts:



Research has found that red wine has many ways of boosting your sex life. For example, it increases testosterone levels in both women and men which plays a role in sexual desire.

If your man is struggling a little to get his mood ‘lifted’ why not serve a little glass of the good red juice before an intimate moment. Red wine has been found to reduce vasoconstriction (open blood vessels) which increases blood flow in ALL areas.


Red wine also contains beautiful compounds called histamines and polyphenols which reduce vaginal dryness and aid penile erections while increasing your sex drive leading to all the right components for a good time. These polyphenols also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight signs of aging by aiding the skin's renewal process, meaning increased production of youthful healthy cells. So yes, we’re telling you a glass or two of wine can give your skin a sexy glow making you irresistible to your partner

Right, now onto the champers….


Champagne similarly increases blood flow to erogenous areas which leads to heightened sensitivity and an increased chance of climax. Champagne contains useful micronutrients such as potassium, and zinc. Zinc aids the development of the sex hormones testosterone and prolactin while potassium aids nervous reactions involved in sexual stimulation and climax.



But again, to reap the sexual benefits of alcohol, be sure to only have 1-2 glasses… otherwise the effects can turn negative on sexual performance.


Of course, we are fully aware of our non- alcohol drinking friends out there. To get similar benefits we recommend taking a daily dose of our multivitamin which contains the same nutrients as red wine and champagne such as zinc and potassium.

So there’s the facts… alcohol CAN actually boost your sex life… just with the right level of consumption. Get boozy and busy gals and pals