Get Back on Track with Protein World


With all the Christmas hype and festive spirit coming to an end, have you been left with a lack of routine which has got you wondering how to get back on track? After a period of indulgence and a break from our workout routines it isn’t always easy to jump straight back into your regular schedule. There’s no need to feel guilty for enjoying yourself this Christmas, but now it’s time to get back to everyday living and Protein World are here to help! Whether your New Year resolution is weight loss, building muscle or maybe just improving your overall health – we have products and guides to help get you there!


With the average adult consuming around 6,000kcal on Christmas Day, it isn’t surprising to hear most of us will gain at least 2lb over the two-week festive season. However, this amount can easily be lost throughout January with only a few changes to your diet and lifestyle. For example, focusing on consuming more whole foods such as lean meats, fish, plenty of fresh fruits and veg will be a good start to improving your health as well as being one of the best diets to increase feelings of fullness without overconsumption.



Processed foods (think your crisps, cakes and chocolate) are packed with calories, fat and sugar. These treats can easily add up, whilst only contributing very little to keeping us full. This is because such foods are low in fibre meaning they are quick to digest. If you are finding it hard to kick the habit of the Christmas treats, then why not try opting for our Slender Mug Cake Mix or one of our other Baking Mixes designed to curb your cravings without adding to your waistline.


If your primary goal is weight loss, then you might be looking for a little more guidance to get you kick started. There is no ‘best diet’ which will suit everyone, but Protein World does offer its very own full weight loss plan – The Shred Plan – which can definitely make getting back on track as easy as pie! This package includes our Slender Blend meal-replacement shake, and a full package of capsules to keep you going throughout January.


Okay, so maybe not everyone wants to lose weight after Christmas, we get that! Some of you have a different version of being ‘back on track’ which may be more focused on your daily workout routine and how to get fit!


With everyone rushing back to the gym, or purchasing new memberships, we want to offer you an alternative for those of you who find the gym life just isn’t for them. Not only do we now have our very own FIT by PW fitness guide, available with a full range of home-friendly workouts (with beginner variations) to have you getting stronger in no time – but we also sell a great range of Protein Powders and supplements to help you tone up and feel stronger in the New Year. Unsure which protein or Collection is best suited to your goals; we’ve got the answers: Which Protein World collection is best?

However, remember you don’t need to make any sudden drastic changes! Getting fit and healthy takes time and should be a long-term goal. This means, small steps can go a much longer way to a healthier lifestyle than a crash diet which causes you to burn out within weeks. Maybe start simply by going on a 30 minute walk each day and then build this up to a jog 2-3 a week and soon you will be feeling better, more energised and fitter without you even noticing!



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