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On Friday 15th September, Protein World met up with the team at F45 Tottenham Court Road. For those unfamiliar with who F45 are, they’re one of the biggest fitness concepts to sweep Australia since Subway and Starbucks opened their first locations. Since coming to the UK, they’ve continued to grow in popularity, opening franchises all over the place.So, what makes F45 Training so good? It could have something to do with their down-to-earth trainers who will constantly spur you on and correct your form throughout the class, it could be to do with their engaging, almost unbearably hard workouts which make you feel like Rocky once complete or it’s something to do with the community spirit you feel within each class and each location.

Single arm bent over row

If we’re being honest with you, it’s pretty much a mix of all three and more. The classes are intense, but thanks to the technology within them the exercises are easy to follow. The trainers keep you going when you’re ready to give up. A massive range of equipment is on-hand for use. The only downside? The obligatory high five at the end of class is a painful struggle – but you still want to do it so you don’t hurt the trainer’s feelings (as you feel like they’re your new best friend).If you want to get to know Mike and Amy Costello – owners of F45 Tottenham Court Road – and learn more about the training concept, click the video below. Alternatively, we’ve written up their answers too!

What does F45 stand for?
Mike: “F” in “F45” stands for functional, and the “45” is how long the class lasts for. So it’s a 45 minute class Monday – Friday, and on Saturday it’s slightly longer as it’s our flagship class (Hollywood) which lasts 60 minutes.

Where does F45 come from?
Mike: F45 started in 2014 and is from Sydney in Australia.

Tell us more about your classes?
Mike: The way we break it down at F45 is Monday, Wednesday and Friday is more of a cardio focus, whereas Tuesday and Thursday is a strength and resistance style focus. On Saturday we have a hybrid of both, but we also mix it up by having a DJ do the music for this class.Amy: There is always so much variety, we never do the same session twice. F45 is constantly filming new workouts which are released which always puts our members to the test. There’s always a different surprise, exercises, tempos, rest times all change to keep our trainers, and members, motivated.

Single arm bent over row

What class is most effect for all over body conditioning?
Mike: At F45, we do functional fitness, so all of the classes, whether it’s cardio or resistance, is designed to work the whole body holistically.Amy: For example today’s session is “Foxtrot”, which is a cardio-focussed session, but we incorporate stations with plyometrics (big, explosive movements), traditional cardiovascular (bikes and rowers) and then agility work (using ladders). Real, total body workout to test mobility, strength and muscular endurance.

What is your favourite exercise and why?
Mike: I can narrow mine down to two; Deadball over-the-shoulder throws as it’s a full-body move and it’s fun to do. There’s a squat component to work the lower body, a back component from picking the ball up and a bit of core. Or kettlebell swings as they’re a staple.Amy: I would say lateral shoot-through, although most people don’t know what they are! It’s a great, full-body move. It’s great for mobility, for the core and it burns everywhere – from about five seconds it. Our members hate it – which obviously we love.

If you couldn’t work a muscle for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Mike: Probably glutes. Mainly because every time I train glutes I feel like I can’t sit down for a couple of days.Amy: I would probably say calves. I used to do a lot of running and couldn’t walk down the stairs for days afterwards, so would definitely get rid of calves.

Battle Ropes

Check out a video of the day here. Special thanks to Amy and Mike for letting us film in their studio and make sure to check out F45 and their Instagram.Book a class at www.f45training.com