Berry Boosting Breakfast



Strawberry Milkshake - Whey Protein Powder 50g


Coconut Milk 350ml


Acai Superfood Powder 15g


1 Chopped Kiwi


Frozen Strawberries & Raspberries





Prepare your kiwi by slicing off both ends of the kiwi. Remove the skin and cut the kiwi into small dices.


Add kiwi and frozen fruit into the smoothie blender. Place on a low power blend for 30seconds.


Pour in coconut milk and add PW Strawberry Milkshake Whey Protein Powder into the blender cup. Blend on a low pressure again.


Scraping down sides as needed and place mixtures into bowels ready to eat!

Purple Protein Power



Almond Milk 350ml


Superfood Plant Base Protein Acai Strawberry 15g


White Chocolate and Strawberry Whey Protein Powder 40g


Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries 10g of each fruit


Banana 1 medium





Prepare berries and banana for blending and place in the blender when ready


Adjust blender to a low pressure and blend for 30seconds


Pour almond milk with PW Whey Protein Powder and blend on low power again for 20 seconds


Finally, add protein acai powder to the smoothie and blend for another 10 seconds


Scraping down the sides as needed and place mixture in serving bowl.