Post Workout Muscle Recovery & DOMS: PW x MyoPro


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Massage therapy is super effective for post workout muscle recovery
We’re sure you’ve heard the term “DOMS”… but what in the world are DOMS?
DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.
This includes muscle pains, stiffness, difficult sitting down etc. 
Whether you’re doing cardio, intense HIIT workouts or hiking, there is a good chance you will end up with sore muscles at the end of it.
This muscle soreness and pain can last up to a week!
DOMS is caused by microtearing in muscle fibers as a result of intense workout sessions. 
Although it’s a normal part of our body’s natural healing, muscle soreness can set you back from workouts for several days.
To relieve the pain and soreness, massage therapy is found to be the most effective recovery technique for post workout muscle soreness. 
It’s also safe and provides serval physical benefits.
At the Protein World office we were kindly send some amazing MyoPro Guns, which were widley appreciated by a fitness fanatic office!
Their massage guns are so popular amongst fitness fanatics and fitness beginners all round!
This massage gun works to reduce muscle soreness by flushing venous blood and lymph fluid out of muscles and into the bloodstream.
The force from the gun relaxes tight muscles and significantly reduces sorness.
What’s more is that you can also use massage guns before starting an intense workout to warm your muscles up!
Caution! Do not use the massage guns for more than 15 minutes at a time as the force from it is quite powerful.
Here’s what our office had to say the MyoPro Guns: