high protein shake on the go and weight loss capsules

The Slender Collection 



Can I have a healthy meal for lunch and a shake for dinner instead?


YES! The Slender Collection is designed to work around you. For your healthy meal split your plate by the following ratios: 30% protein, 20% complex carbohydrates, 40% veg and 10% healthy fats. For example, chicken or salmon skewers, sweet potato, Mediterranean vegetables with pine nuts. 


What’s the best type of milk to mix with the Slender Blend?


It’s down to your personal preference! We only advise almond milk as a mixer as it has the best nutritional profile of milks and plant - based milks. You are free to use whichever milk you choose - cows, oat, almond, soya, coconut or even water. Please bare in mind the taste and texture may vary slightly depending on which alternative you choose. Also cows milk can have a high fat and sugar content so if you're looking to lose weight this may not be the best choice for you. 

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Is exercise required whilst using The Slender Collection?


It’s not necessary to exercise to lose weight, however weight loss and exercise do go hand in hand so you will find better fat loss results by training. Exercise also has many other benefits such as improved mood, better sleep and cognitive function!



Can I drink tea & coffee whilst using The Slender Collection?


Yes absolutely. Just be mindful of your overall caffeine intake as The Slender Blend also contains caffeine. Adding lots of sugar to your tea and coffee will also affect successful weight loss. Try our Slender Tea for a herbal, de-bloating tea!



Should I track my calories?


It’s important to track your calories initially as learning the content of food is great education! We like to use MyFitnessPal available on Android and Apple devices. Tracking can be a great motivational tool too!



Do I have to follow the recipes provided on the website?


The provided recipes are just a guideline and some inspo for you to use! You do not have to use them, feel free to great creative with your own recipes following the % split mentioned in question 1.

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I need some snack ideas!


  • 25g unsalted nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews)
  • Low sugar fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwifruit)
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Hummus with vegetable sticks (carrots, peppers, cucumber, celery)
  • Oatcakes with peanut butter or avocado
  • Healthy beef jerky
  • Edamame



How do the capsules in The Slender Collection work?


Fat Metabolisers: These are designed to speed up your metabolism to help tackle stubborn fat, they will also increase alertness, reduce fatigue and help you have a better workout due to the caffeine and green tea extract.

Hunger Busters: These are designed to reduce cravings, they are designed to draw in water to the soluble fibre and expand in the stomach reducing the feelings of hunger.

Make sure you take no more than a total of 6 capsules in a day and drink plenty of water alongside these! DO NOT TAKE ANY IF BREASTFEEDING OR PREGNANT.