The Slender Collection™

The Slender Collection™


We understand that following a fat­ loss plan can be challenging, especially when it comes to sticking to a restrictive diet. That's why we want to introduce you to our Slender Plan consisting of some of our most popular delicious food supplements.

Slender Blend 1.8KG

Slender Porridge 1.1KG

Slender Mug Cake



Fast, free delivery

Formulated by leading experts

Fast, free delivery

Formulated by leading experts

Product Description

Slender Blend, Carb Blockers, Fat Metaboliser, Slender Porridge, Slender Pancakes, Slender Mug Cake  (please refer to individual product pages for more information)

Example Day 


Wake up: Take 1 Fat Metaboliser and 2 Carb Blockers with a glass of water 


Breakfast: Slender Porridge or Slender Pancakes with your choice of fruit and topping. 


Lunch: Slender Blend Shake with some fruit. 


Take 1 Fat Metaboliser capsule. 


30 minutes before dinner: Take 2 Carb Blocker capsules with a glass of water 


Dinner: Chicken salad 


Dessert: Slender Mugcake Mix

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Customer Reviews

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Fast Delivery

Delivery was fast. Can’t comment on the actual product just yet as I only started using it.

Richard Faichnie

Slender Collection™

David B
This works very well for me!!!

I tried this 4 years ago I lost a staggering 11 stone I let my self slip and put the weight back on I have lost 3 stone since starting it back again 4 months ago I will with will power keep it off this time, the only thing I would change to the collection is bring back the free shaker with the slender blend collection if you subscribe or a metal shaker after 6 months as a reward other than that the flavours have come so far my favourite is strawberry milkshake. Thanks DB

Samantha Denning
Fit collection review

I am absolutely in love with the products I have received, in particular the slender blend in birthday cake and they whey protein in salted caramel, they are both so versatile! They work so well not only in shakes but in baking, in oats in pancakes and all sorts! The flavors are delicious! I cannot fault the product! The delivery was super speedy and the packaging is great!
Thanks so much!