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Why Can't I Sleep?



By PW Nutritionist Stephanie Evans



Do you lie awake at night counting sheep? Maybe your lack of sleep is stressing you out and you find yourself tired throughout the day? Both stress and not enough sleep have been linked to weight gain and poor diets. On days you haven’t slept you are more likely to crave processed foods rich in carbs and sugar to help get you through the day. If this occurs regularly this can impact your mood, health and wellbeing.


Sadly, we cannot give you a magic pill to cure you from stress, or gift you with those six pack abs (for this check out our recent blog post on how to get a flat stomach), BUT we can give you some tips on how to build a healthy morning and evening routine into your daily schedule to help you chill out and relax! In turn, a better night’s sleep can help you be more motivated to stay on track and focus on those extra pounds you want to lose. With the brand-new addition of our Slender Night Tea AND a new Day 'N' Night bundle to our product range, we can provide you with everything you need to get that good night’s sleep you always dream of!

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Screens off

I am sure you have all heard this before but turning your screens off at least half an hour before you go to bed can do wonders for getting to sleep. This is because the light from screens suppresses your natural sleep hormone (melatonin) from being produced. Alongside keeping your brain engaged your phone and TV screens could be the reasoning to why you just ‘don’t feel tired’! 


Set yourself time each night, just before bed, to unwind. This can be simply dimming the lights and listening to some peaceful music, maybe taking a warm soak in the bath or practicing some form of meditation. Whatever you find works for you, allow yourself just 15 minutes before bed to do this.


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Drink a cuppa Sleep Tea

Our brand-new tea blend contains a relaxing mix of natural plant extracts including Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lavender and Valerian Root. All are shown to reduce alertness and promote sleep. Valerian has natural sedative properties ideal for those who find it a struggle to get to sleep at night, so we recommend you give it a try!


Set a time

Now you have the simple steps in place to build a healthy sleep routine, it’s time to set a time to reach your bed each evening to ensure you get a good amount of sleep. For adults, it is generally assumed 7-9h is optimum for productivity and to wake up feeling refreshed. Therefore, if you have to be awake at 6:30am every morning for work, aim to be in bed at around 10pm each night. After all, it is no good having this routine if you are still living off of just 4h sleep!


This simple routine can not only help you sleep better, but it can help you feel less stressed during the day and even be a solution to that weight loss plateau you have noticed! However, if you find this isn’t enough – our signature Slender Day Tea will be on hand in the morning to provide you with a light caffeine boost to start your day feeling refreshed! For more advice check out our blog post on how to achieve a good morning routine.