The Key Benefits of Protein Intake


Wellness is the state in which we are actively seeking to better our lives both physically and mentally. Here it’s imperative that we understand the link between both wellness and health. What does wellness mean to you? We at Protein World believe in a 360 degree approach to wellness including nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and sleep in order to reach optimal health.

Our diet plays a key role in our overall health. Aiming to eat a well balanced, whole food diet will ensure that you get sufficient nutrients required to stay healthy and avoid any potential deficiencies. Our Slender Blend is high protein, low calorie meal replacement shakes containing our vitamin and mineral blend which consists of 26 vitamins and minerals help to prevent fatigue and boost your immune system. Combining this with healthy meals consisting of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fat and lots of vegetables you will be well on your way to giving your body just what it needs to survive and thrive!

Mindfulness is an incredible tool that yields self-awareness and can improve both our physical and mental health.
By integrating small mindfulness practices into our day to day lives such as reducing the amount of time we spend on electronics, being more present, learning to be grateful for what we have as well as incorporating certain breathing techniques can help cultivate a more positive outlook on life.
In the busy world we live in mindfulness has become more important than ever. We spend a significant amount of time looking after our physical health with diet and exercise but it’s about time we give our mental health the support it deserves!


Exercise provides a plethora of benefits to the body both physically and mentally from preventing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes to depression and anxiety.
How you chose to exercise is completely up to you be that lifting heavy weight in the gym, doing a ballet class or going on a run they will all release endorphins that not only help to reduce stress but it also has been shown to improve self-esteem.

Too little shut-eye can increase the hunger hormone ghrelin leading to unhealthy food choices.
Studies show that getting less than 7 hours of a sleep a night can increase our risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and depression.
By introducing a bed time routine such as going to bed at the same time every night and switching off from all electronics at least 1 hour before bed can help you slip into a longer more restful sleep allowing you to wake up feeling well rested and ready to start the day!

Wellness can be felt both intrinsically and extrinsically, but it is down to you whether or not you make this a priority in your life.
We feel that incorporating the aforementioned forms of wellness into your daily routine will help you to both develop and grow within yourself which will in turn benefit you in many aspects of life.


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