Unconventional Workouts


By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott

Exercise. What is the first thing which jumps to mind - maybe the gym? Many of us adults will own a gym membership as it's the first thing we think we should commit to when we want to get fitter and healthier. However, do you fall into the 22% of the UK’s population that has a gym membership which is eating away at your bank balance but never actually gets used? For many this is due to social anxiety, the fear of being judged in the gym or not knowing the correct exercises to do. Well good news! We at Protein World have put our thinking caps on and have come up with some fun ways to help you get a little exercise in without needing to step foot inside a gym. These activities are your unconventional workouts, fun to do in a group yet still working up a sweat!

Ice skating sensation
Most cities in the UK will have an indoor ice rink, open all year round. Ice skating is an excellent form of exercise and it’s such fun that it won’t even feel like a workout! Ice skating is low impact which means it is easy on the joints and will improve overall core strength, balance and co-ordination. As an excellent form of cardio it can burn up to 387 calories in an hour and that’s just skating slowly! As well as a great social activity you get to enjoy sculpting your body, primarily your legs and bum, without a squat rack in sight! Even if the sun is shining outside and outdoor ice rinks have packed up and left, check for your local rink online and take the family or friend as a great day out!

Ice skating

Shop 'til you drop
This may be a very unconventional workout of choice but what better time to hit the shops than to get your weekly groceries? Although this could be bad news for your bank account it’s great for your body if your nearest supermarket is in walking distance, or if you are traipsing the local shopping mall. Carrying heavy shopping bags in both hands emulates a well-known exercise called farmers walk.  The muscles worked are predominantly the upper body including your shoulders, upper back and arms. Be sure to maintain a good posture when carrying your load, shoulders back head up and say goodbye to bingo wings and hello to toned arms.

Ice skating

Keep Calm and HIIT it
Finally, if you are looking for more of a heart-racing pump and neither of the above seem like enough, there is always the classic HIIT workout at home. These high intensity interval circuits are designed to be short but effective at burning fat, and generally all you need is a bit of space to jump around in your bedroom or living room! Targeted at every part of the body it’s much less time consuming than a conventional gym workout. A workout is typically no longer than 20minutes and often way more enjoyable. Our top recommendations include The Body Coach Joe Wicks or fitness PT’s Alice Liveing and Chloe Madeley’s YouTube channels for easy to follow, effective HIIT sessions.

Remember to fuel your unconventional workouts with the correct nutrition and recovery shake, even if it hasn't meant going to a gym. Our Slender Blend is the perfect post workout shake, containing 25g of protein, low sugar and low calorie - it’s the perfect addition to your daily routine.