Have you found yourself not losing as much weight as you would like too? Or maybe you are struggling to kick start your weight loss journey to a healthier you! If so, there’s no need to panic! Protein World nutritionist Abigail has put together 7 tips to help you speed up you weight loss and start seeing results! Whether you are wanting to trim down before summer, lose that extra bit of belly fat or generally become a healthier you – these tips will provide you with all you need to lose weight fast - but effectively (and no you don’t need to starve yourself)! Not only will you look good, you will feel better for it! Healthy weight loss can lead to improving your mood, libido, energy levels, leave you glowing and improving your health all in the same process!


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Consume a high protein breakfast!
Many people start the day with a meal heavy in simple carbohydrates and lacking in protein - toast, cereals or fruit are popular choices people mistake to be a ‘good’ breakfast. These foods might be tasty, but they will most likely cause those mid-morning hunger pangs resulting in that high calorie snacking you were trying to cut out. Consuming a high protein breakfast will help to keep your hunger at bay and see you through until lunch. Try having eggs for breakfast or try one of our delicious Slender Porridge flavours with some fresh berries. High in protein and fibre from added whey protein, chia and flaxseed, the Slender Porridge will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It also contains added green tea and guarana extract to assist in boosting your metabolism!

Limit energy dense foods
Dried fruits and nuts are a healthy snack right? Potentially, but if you aren't mindful of how much you are eating they could easily hinder your weight loss goals. Both foods are high calories, with dried fruit containing a great amount of sugar which could cause your blood sugar levels to spike if consumed in excess. Over-eat these foods and your weight loss efforts will be out of the window. Instead, try swapping your unconscious munching for only a handful of nuts, think 10-15. This provides a controlled nutritious snack, full of healthy fats and essential nutrients that will get you through to your next meal.

Drink apple cider vinegar
Did you know by consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before your meal you can help you control your blood sugar levels? Additionally, adding apple cider vinegar to your diet has been linked to increased weight loss. One study recalled participants lost significantly more weight in comparison to those who did not consume apple cider vinegar, with no other changes to their diet or activity levels! These individuals also noted a greater abdominal fat loss, so this simple trick could help you trim your waistline and lose that belly fat!

Take the stairs
Is your office on the top floor of your building? Do you take the lift or escalator as part of your daily routine? Swap it out and take the stairs. Walking upstairs is great for boosting your calorie burn as it can burn up to 450 calories more per hour than standing. Making this a part of your daily routine is not easy to do so but will increase your daily calorie burn, improve your aerobic fitness and help speed up your weight loss. Be that person who walks up the stairs when leaving Covent Garden tube station, instead of the person who is standing waiting for the elevator, watching their life go by.
fitness model drinking water from protein shaker
Increase your daily protein intake
Consuming a high protein diet not only prevents overeating by decreasing your hunger levels, but it has been shown that the digestion of protein boosts your metabolic rate as it takes more energy to digest than carbs of fat. Those who consume a high protein diet can be burning more calories several hours after eating – and you don’t even need to put any cardio effort in! Not only weight loss, but a high protein intake aids in building muscle and prevents a loss of muscle mass whilst you are on a calorie restricted diet. If you are struggling to know what to eat, an easy way to increase your protein intake is with a protein shake. Try taking the Slender Blend for breakfast, as a snack or it would be perfect for your post-workout fuel. This high protein shake also includes a vitamin and mineral blend, digestive enzymes, pre- and probiotics to assist in improving overall gut health!

Add spices
When you're losing weight your meals don't need to be boring. Swap out salt; which can lead to water retention and bloating, and instead use plenty of spices! This not only adds delicious flavours to enhance your meals but can sneakily help your weight loss efforts. Cinnamon helps to control your blood sugar; cayenne pepper works to boost your metabolism and paprika helps to reduce your appetite whilst also boosting your metabolism. Try cinnamon on your morning porridge and firing up your chicken and sweet potato with some cayenne pepper and paprika. A healthy vegetable curry is also a great way to pack in a flavour punch! For more recipe inspo, check out a dinner area on our website!

Activity when you eat
Just before you sit down for your meal why not fit in a few squats or lunges. This could be whilst you wait for the kettle to boil or for the oil in the pan to heat up. This muscular contraction increases the number of GLUT-4 (glucose transporter type 4) on the surface of muscle cells. These transporters act as gateways for food energy into the muscles. In simple terms, a bit of activity prior to eating will increase the uptake of food calories (glucose) to be used by the muscles, leaving less to be stored as fat!