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Men's Health Special

 By PW Nutritionist Steph Evans


You may have noticed we tend to focus a lot on women’s health at Protein World, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about you guys out there. Over the years, men’s health has gone from being a taboo subject to more of a hot topic. With men three times more likely to commit suicide then women and 26% men suffering with high cholesterol it is time we highlight the importance of both physical and mental health for men!

This may all sound a bit depressing but fear not! We have dedicated this article to all our male customers or for the women with male partners, sharing our top tips for improving overall wellbeing, alongside our best recommended supplements for men!



  1. Eat the rainbow

This goes without saying but improving your diet can help improve not just your physical health but also your mood, energy levels and productivity. Knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat can seem way too confusing which is why at Protein World, we like to make this super simple for you! Whatever your diet, it is important to include enough variety of fruit and vegetables to get a vital range of micronutrients which play multiple roles in the body (from improving immune function and digestion to improving your mood)!

However, with less than 25% of males reaching this target we have fortified not just our Slender Blend, but also our Superman Blend with a wide range of vitamins and minerals to help ensure you are keeping yourself healthy! This makes these protein powders some of our best supplements for men and women alike! Especially if you’re not too in to the veg part ;)

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    1. Sleep!

    Did you know that 87% of late sleepers are males? With the majority of men getting less and lower quality sleep compared to women it is important to focus on achieving a regular sleep schedule to prioritise your body’s need to rest. It’s no surprise men’s health can be linked to quality of sleep, with a continuous lack of sleep overtime leaving individuals feeling tired and fatigued day after day, as well as links to increased weight gain and a reduced sex drive! To avoid this damning cycle of staying up late at night and to get into a better sleep routine we suggest starting out by going to bed at a time which you begin to feel tired and will enable you to get around 8h sleep per night. Have your alarm set for a consistent time each day, even on days where you may have gone to bed a bit later as you are more likely to be tired at the desired time for the following night. If you struggle getting to sleep, why not read up on our article: Why Can’t I sleep? which is aimed for both males and females!


    1. Start talking

    With mental health being a main focus in the past few years, it is shocking that despite 78% of men say that their friends can rely on them for support, only 40% feel comfortable talking to others about their feelings. This reduced acceptance to express your emotions is contributing to the worsening mental health prospects when compared to women. 

    Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your mates for a chat. Check in on others as well as yourself and don’t be afraid to tell someone ‘I need some support right now’. You will be surprised that your guy friends are likely willing to open up about themselves too, or at least hear you out and offer support. Women, check in on the men in your life (your male family members, partner and friends) and let them know they can speak to you too.

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    1. Prioritise Protein

    The Superman Blend is recommended one of Protein World’s best supplements for men, as not only does it include those essential micronutrients but also packs an incredible 27g protein per serving! Protein is not only vital for gaining muscle, but whether you work out or not, a high-protein diet can help increase satiety to prevent overeating, alongside helping to regulate your thoughts and feelings. The Superman Blend does contain creatine, however, if big muscle gains are your primary goal – you may also be interested in supplementing with a 100% pure Creatine powder to help further your performance and muscle growth in the gym!


    1. Take your Omegas!

    The final dietary aspect to touch upon is eating the right kind of fats, and more specifically your Omegas! As much as you should be limiting the amount of saturated fat you eat (found in foods such as cakes, chocolate, pastries etc.) you should also be ensuring you are getting enough of the right fatty acids into your diet. Your brain needs these fatty acids, primarily the Omegas 3 and 6 in order to work well and help boost productivity. You can obtain these fats from your diet mainly as oily fish, eggs, nuts and seeds but it may also be useful to supplement with a good quality omega supplement, such as our Triple Strength Omega 3-6-9 to ensure you are getting in enough!  This is one of our best supplements for men for brain, eye, immune and heart health! We spent years fine tuning the unique combination of fish oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil and Vitamin E to ensure the best quality!


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