How To Use Marine Collagen Powder




Marine Collagen Powder is used by several top Hollywood celebrities to keep them looking young and fresh.


Celebrities who swear by Marine Collagen Peptides include Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston (from friends), and Jennifer Garner!




Benefits of drinking marine liquid collagen peptides supplements:




Improved Smoothness of Skin


 Minimises wrinkles and fine lines


 Makes skin more firm


 Heals acne and scars




Why is our Collagen in POWDER form?





So that you can mix it into water, your morning coffee and smoothies!
Use 10g or 2 scoops of Marine Collagen Peptides daily!



Collagen drinks have the highest rate of bioavailability (amount that can absorbed into your bloodstream).


This makes it the MOST EFFECTIVE and gets you the BEST results!
Our Marine Collagen Powder also unlike other Collagen Peptides.
No smell, tastes delicious and available in SO many flavours, including a simple Unflavoured flavour!
Since our Marine Collagen Peptides are in powder form this makes it SO easy and versatile for you to use!


You can add it to almost anything you can think of.
AND one serving is ONLY 45 calories! WOW!



How does the PW Team like to take their Marine Collagen Powder?



Added to Morning Coffees, dissolved in water, in Breakfast or lunch Smoothies, In our Slender Blend shakes, Ice Popsicles on a hot day, or even in Slender Porridge/Baked Oats bowls!



How to TAKE Collagen?


Mix collagen powder into water
Mix collagen powder into coffee or tea
Add collagen powder into smoothies
Add collagen powder into Slender Blend





What is the BEST TIME to take Collagen?

There is not really an optimum time to take it!
As long as you’re taking a HIGH ENOUGH dose of collagen, you will see a difference!
The minimum amount you should take is 5g!





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