Should you drink Pre-Workout before a workout to lose weight?






Pre-Workout is that ONE supplement ALL fitness instagram girls and boys seem to swear by! 


Stories of people Dry-Scooping? Seen them all!


Tik Toks of smashing pre-workout? Seen it all too!


But can these exercise boosting drinks help you with weight loss? 


And should you use them in the first place?



What is pre-workout?


These are supplements sold as powders or pre-mixed drinks.


The ingredients help enhance your workout when you taken beforehand.


The purpose of pre-workout is to increase energy, focus and up stamina. 


They make it possible to give 100% into your workout, maximising all muscle movements and help expend as much energy as possible.


One of the main ingredients in pre-workout is caffeine. 


Caffeine is known to help increase alertness, stamina and increase overall energy output. 


The best time to take pre-workout is about 30 to 60 minutes before your workout to get the best results.

The Protein World Pre-Workout is one of our BEST SELLERS.


The formula is made with natural and premium ingredients to give you a pre-workout boost with a steady supply of energy and preventing any post-workout crashes. 





The carefully curated combination of IBCAA, L-Carnitine, Choline and Caffeine helps to boost your training sessions, allowing you to train harder and essentially building more muscle and burning that stubborn fat. 




It comes in THREE refreshing flavours: 

  • Summer Fruits
  • Peach Tea
  • NEW Tropical 




So... do they help with Weight Loss?


There are no conclusive studies on whether they help with weight loss, BUT they can help support your weight loss goals!


Since the mixture of ingredients in our Pre-Workout help increase intensity during your workout, this helps burn MORE calories during your session.



When you fuel your workout session properly, this can contribute to burning more calories through your workout as you have more energy to put in. This in turn helps contribute to weight loss!





Is Pre-Workout safe and should I try it?


If you are pregnant or breast-feeding you should NOT take pre-workout at any cost.

If you are caffeine sensitive, have high blood pressure, are epileptic or have any other caffeine related issues, please DO NOT take pre-workout.


Pre-workout is used by millions of people around the world, and are for the most part safe for sensible consumption. ONLY consume the daily recommended amount on the packet.



All in all, if you are looking to significantly boost your workouts and help increase duration of your workouts to increase weight loss, we would recommend trying our pre-workout!


Our NEW Tropical pre-workout flavour is the perfect summer pre-workout option!






- Aleena Khusro


Senior Social Media Manager & Nutrition Specialist