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Avoiding Post Lockdown Pig Outs



By PW Nutritionist Stephanie Evans



Who would have thought at the start of the year, we would not be visiting gyms, going on holiday or visiting our local pubs or restaurants for months on end? As lockdown in the UK begins to ease, we wanted to give you some eating tips on staying on track post lockdown as we undoubtedly all start going out once again! Like us here at PW, we are sure you are going to have a few nights out and potential ‘cheat days’ lined up over the next few weeks to catch up with your friends! We aren’t here to tell you not to live your life and have fun, but here’s our 3 tips to help you keep on track with your goals!



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    Eat SAVVY

    If you have planned a visit to your local restaurant, look at the menu beforehand to see what’s on offer! Pick a meal you know you will enjoy, but be mindful of what goes into the dish. For example, if you are having a curry try to opt for chicken or fish and avoid fattier cuts of meat like lamb and beef. If your meal comes with chips, you could easily swap this for a jacket potato or extra veg on the side to avoid excess fat. Whether or not you make these choices, our award winning Carb Blocker capsules are great to have on hand prior to a carb-laiden meal! The main ingredient is white kidney bean extract which has been found to slow down the rate of carbohydrate digestion to prevent that ever so dreaded bloat after a large meal.


    Know your booze

    When it comes to going out, food isn’t the only issue. Be aware of the amount of alcohol you choose to consume. Most alcoholic drinks contain high amounts of hidden sugar and if you aren’t careful the calories can easily rack up. For example, a standard gin and tonic is approximately 120 calories and 12g sugar, with one pint of beer anywhere between 180-250 calories!

    Not only does alcohol contribute to your calorie intake itself, but it is known to stimulate appetite and increase those unhealthy food cravings. If you are heading out for a few drinks, eating a nutritious meal rich in lean protein, healthy fats and fibre beforehand can help prevent you reaching for that late night kebab, as well as replenish your body with needed electrolytes depleted by drinking. Despite common myths, a bowl of pasta won’t do the trick as it digests quickly in the gut, leaving you more likely to get hungry later on! Instead some good food options are eggs, sweet potatoes and avocado which slowly get digested and will help slow down the rate of which alcohol enters your system. 

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    Don’t blow your entire diet

    Just because you are going out for dinner, or you grabbed a burger for lunch - doesn’t make your entire day a write-off! Don’t use it as an excuse to eat unhealthily for the rest of the day. Incorporate nutritious, high fibre, protein rich foods in the rest of your meals to curve those unwanted cravings. If you know you are someone who is likely to over-consume and ‘binge-out’ on unhealthy foods then try taking our Hunger Buster capsules to support your natural hunger cues!


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