The ideal work-life balance often eludes many of us. So, eating well can sometimes be difficult to achieve. However, keeping healthy staple foods in your fridge and pantry will likely make your already busy lives a little less stressful. Here are my top go-to foods that are always in my kitchen and that you should keep on hand too. Because there’s nothing like getting your hands on a dietitian’s shopping list, right?





Blueberries are nutritional powerhouses. They are rich in antioxidants, low in sugar and also contain a decent hit of fibre. There is some evidence to show that including blueberries as part of a healthy diet can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure.

I include a handful of the frozen variety on my brekkie cereal/porridge. But you can add them (fresh or frozen) to yoghurt, custard, ice cream, smoothies, salads and sweets too. Or just munch on them directly from the punnet. Not only are they versatile, but they’re also berry delicious!






However you like it, whether it’s smooth, crunchy or super crunchy, peanut butter is a winner. I love the stuff! It’s incredibly versatile too. I personally like the super crunchy variety on grainy toast, but it works well with banana, on pancakes, in a stir-fry or eaten cheekily straight from the jar.

Peanut butter is a rich source of monounsaturated fats – the healthy ones that help to reduce cholesterol. It’s also a good source of fibre, folate, protein, vitamin E and potassium. Better yet, there is evidence to show that people who regularly eat nuts have a reduced incidence of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who don’t.






Eggs are packed with heaps of good stuff like protein, vitamin B12, monounsaturated fat, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, folate and vitamin A. All up, there are 11 different vitamins and minerals naturally found in eggs. They’re also naturally low in salt and sugar. And, because they are high in protein, they help to keep us fuller for longer, so they’re a great option for those looking to shed some weight.

Eggs are a staple in households across the world, and they certainly get this dietitian’s nod of approval. They’re so versatile, and you can have them at any time of the day. They can be boiled, scrambled, fried, poached, served on toast, in salads and sandwiches or in stir-fries, and they’re are a vital ingredient in baking.






The BEST Oats on the planet. There I said it. Slender Porridge by Protein World are the easiest way to get your protein content up in the day. I have mine for breakfast in the form of overnight oats, regular oats or baked oats. With over 10g of protein per serving and under 200 calories per serving, this helps me keep fuller for longer whilst keeping in my maintenance calorie levels. 

These oats literally taste like dessert! I'm a sweet breakfast kind of person and I also like variety. So with there being over 5 delicious flavours, including a biscoff style flavour (unreal omg), I literally could have the Slender Porridge for every single meal. 

DON'T Sleep on the slender porridge it is literally unreal.






Hummus is always on hand at my place. I use it as a spread on my sandwiches, in salad dressings, on grainy toast, with eggs and sides, and sometimes I just eat it straight from the tub. It’s also great with mushrooms, other veggies, and in a pita with salad (with or without falafel).


Chickpeas are the key ingredient in hummus. They certainly pack a nutritional punch. Chickpeas are a good source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium. They are also naturally low in fat, sugar and salt. Studies show that those who eat legumes regularly, such as chickpeas, are better able to manage their weight, and have less incidence of heart disease.


Try making your own hummus by blending together tinned chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and a pinch of salt. You can use it as a condiment, dip, salad dressing or just eat it as is.